MaxiGreen is completely natural agent for faster and more exuberant plant growth, strengthens plant immunity and resistance to pests in all kinds of plants. It is designed for foliar application, by spraying the leaves in the form of mist.

When using MaxiGreen these effects are achieved:

  • Substantial increase in yield, ripening time is shortened
  • Better fruit quality: increased dry matter content, increased sugar content, vitamins, flavonoids and phytosterols; extension of storage capacity, improved smell, taste and color of fruit
  • Improved plant immunity
  • Special efficiency in recovery of plants damaged by effects of adverse climatic conditions (hail, drought, frost, low and high temperatures, etc.)


MaxiGreen packaging



  • for crops
  • in orchards, olive groves, vineyards u
  • for vegetable crops
  • for flowers, ornamental plants, grass and forest areas

Prepared solution is sprayed on leaves in the form of a fine mist (aerosol) in the morning and late afternoon, with various conventional sprayers and foggers.

Frequency of application
With the first application start after first leaves appear:

  • Fruit growing and viticulture: 14-20 days , 5-8 times during the growing season
  • Vegetabls: every 10-14 days
  • Olives: start three weeks before flowering, treat every 14-20 days, 6-7 times during the growing season
  • Crops: 3-4 times during the growing season
  • Lawns and playgrounds: every 7-14 daan from early May until late summer
  • Forests and parks (ornamental species): every 10 to 14 days after leaf development
  • Flowers and ornamental plants: every 7-20 days


  • 2.5 kg / ha or
  • 25 g/100 m² or
  • 0.5 % solution (1 teaspoon, 5 g dissolved in 1 liter of water
  • 0.3 % solution in greenhouses

Do not mix with agents containing AL FOSETYL, and for the other check in a small bowl.

Lifetime: 2 years

Storage: Store in a dry place at a temperature of 5°C to 25°C

Packing: Net 1 kg of micronized powder for solution for foliar application.

Keep out of the reach of children.


  • better fruit quality and yield increase
  • strengthens plant immunity
  • recovers damaged plants after hail, drought, frost and extreme temperatures
  • shortens ripening time